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Established 1992



IBAS provides independent, confidential specialist business banking advice and direct guidance to UK Company Directors and UK companies requiring IBAS business bank and banking investigations for UK bank and business banking disputes and provides submissions to Regulators.

IBAS is an established unique specialist Business Banking customer membership organization with experience on large numbers of UK business banking case dispute investigations/resolutions over 27 years.

IBAS act for UK Business banking customers with business banking problems or disputes and can assist with bank litigation.

Our Business banking knowledge and experience of bank account analysis, business banking account specialist investigations on business bank loans, bank current accounts, banking contracts, business banking account facilities and UK bank debt recovery strategy, enables us to achieve effective and economic business banking case resolutions.

UK Director's Personal Guarantee debt claim demands and director's personal guarantee debt claim disputes are independently investigated, negotiated and resolved by IBAS.

IBAS provides confidential specialist help, advice and direct assistance to UK Directors and Commercial Business proprietors in their business banking account disputes, business banking secured, unsecured lending debt claim disputes.




A large percentage of businesses seeking IBAS assistance since 1992 had already survived 'start up', expanded and prospered with considerable personal assets being acquired. These businesses grew into the next stages of development but, further attempts at business expansion also bring greater risks.

Sometimes, bankers seize such an opportunity to take advantage of a business and when bankers take control of the business the owners lost control. That is often the pivotal point for the loss of their personal assets later. A good example of banker's taking advantage of businesses and then controlling them (for the bank's benefit) is the sale of SWAPS where banks have 'fleeced' their customers to enable maximum profit for the bank.

If you're facing liquidation, receivership or threatened by bank business debt claim demands or Director's Personal Guarantee Debt Claim demands which are connected to Limited Company debts then IBAS experience and knowledge will be crucial.



IBAS website was launched in 1998 to help UK businesses with banking disputes.


(see BBC publication with link to IBAS in 1999)


at: Your Money Not a moving account  - BBC 22/07/99


IBAS has been featured on BBC TV, BBC TV News, ITV News, Meridian TV and Sky TV News since 1992 and also contributed banking editorials and business banking articles for the Sunday Times, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph and Daily Mirror.


see: IBAS Testimonials




Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS) - IBAS established in 1992 as a specialist business banking customer membership organization. IBAS assists, guides and advises Directors and UK business bank customers with commercial and business banking disputes, business banking account/loan account/mortgage account/security disputes, business banking debt claim disputes and Director's Personal Guarantee debt claim demand disputes.


Last modified: 23rd September 2019