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Established 1992


IBAS Business Bank, Banking Account Overcharge Service


IBAS 'in house' bank auditing began in the mid 1990's and considerable bank interest overcharges and refunds have been reclaimed for our members with debt reduction and security issues negotiated (see below). IBAS business banking dispute negotiating experience provides you with a proven strategy for business bank customers seeking to verify commercial bank loans, bank overdrafts or bank business mortgages for accuracy and to eliminate historic or current bank overcharging of their accounts.

IBAS had obtained in excess of £21 million in refunds, write-offs and write-down of bank debt from our investigations of UK Business Banking Disputes when we stopped counting (many years ago) and we stopped 'counting' because we realized that the numbers meant very little to the individual, as it was each individual's business banking debt which matters and it's their personal assets at risk from the bank's 'plundering' if their business fails.

IBAS experience has proved to be the deciding factor in effective and sometimes almost miraculous settlements for business banking customers.

IBAS has specialist knowledge from IBAS investigations into a large number of UK business banking account disputes since 1992 - no other organization has that experience or knowledge, which provides IBAS with 'extra' ability and expertise to produce the best results for you (just like GL and AT below).

An IBAS member wrote in: "Just for information we have recently reduced the balance outstanding to the bank and now have a better relationship with a new manager who many times, has apologised for the actions of others that have gone before him. We would like to thank you for your assistance in bringing the matter with the bank to a conclusion. It would have been far easier if we had known about your organisation in the first instance and the corner the bank backed us into would probably never have transpired.

We could not recommend strongly enough to anyone struggling with the overzealous banks how helpful IBAS have been. When we consider how the bank treated us when we hadn’t done anything wrong, never missed a payment and had good loan to value rates, I can only surmise how aggressive they must be to others.

Once again many thanks for the help IBAS have given us both over the past two years. In the nicest way we hope never to require your services again! "- GL



IBAS website was launched in 1998 to help UK businesses with banking disputes.


You can take control of your Business Banking Dispute and stop being afraid of the bank email IBAS now.


(see BBC publication with link to IBAS in 1999) at: Your Money Not a moving account  - BBC 22/07/99


IBAS has been featured on BBC TV, BBC TV News, ITV News, Meridian TV and Sky TV News since 1992 and also contributed banking editorials and business banking articles for the Sunday Times, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph and Daily Mirror. see: IBAS Testimonials



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Do you have an imminent Business Disaster requiring crisis management?

Is your Bank threatening to ‘pull the rug’ on you and your business?

Is your Bank seeking even more of your assets and security?

Is your Bank threatening to remove all lending unless you do as you’re told?

Are you getting things done or just agonising over what cannot be done?

All can be equally debilitating for you.


They can also be the 'forerunner' to a business disaster.

A business disaster will inevitably impact on you and your family personally.

Your personal assets may then be depleted or 'taken' from you.


If you do nothing or provide the bank with a signed income/assets form - the bank will take everything they can get

– which is not a sensible business option.


You only need to read IBAS testimonials and how IBAS has helped many businesses like yours over the last 27 years.

So, act now and share your problem/s with IBAS.

IBAS is a professional, confidential guidance and direct assistance organisation available for UK Business banking problems and disputes and IBAS is an organisation which can help you with bank litigation.

If you’ve received a business banking account debt claim demand or Director’s Personal Guarantee debt claim demand we can inform you based on our experience ‘what not to do to make your position worse’. (request your copy now)

However, whilst ‘what not to do to make your position worse’ is our gift to you - it is only a short term ‘plaster’ - It is not a permanent solution.

For a solution, you need to make a decision to get IBAS fully on your side by providing us with a comprehensive outline of your ‘dispute’ in an email with correspondences, facility letters and demand letters which 'show' your position.

We know that communicating with someone who fully understands what you are going through is your first step to getting a good night's sleep. But, communicating with someone who has dealt with a great many cases like yours is even better so don't waste time putting off dealing with it - act now - email IBAS from the link below and tell us about your demand.


We can act quickly to advise and protect you if you are facing liquidation, receivership and being threatened by bank business debt claims demands or Director's Personal Guarantee Debt Claims demands from Limited Company debts.

IBAS experience and knowledge is crucial in supporting any business banking customer in dispute with their bank.

Act now - before it is too late to help you


email IBAS




'I found IBAS to be Impressive & professional with no nonsense. I followed IBAS strategy totally and the result was spectacular. Thanks for putting my life back on track and saving me a bucket load of money - I cannot thank you enough. I would now start with IBAS and ignore all the others who are 'selling' an imitation of these guys but without IBAS knowledge! - AT November 2016





Last modified: 11th September 2019