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Established in 1992


RBS-GRG or NatWest-GRG-Dispute


Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Business banking dispute unresolved?

NatWest Business Banking dispute unresolved?

Worse still you are now forced into defending a bank director personal guarantee debt claim demand?


August 2020 - 'Thanks for firstly remotely assessing my bank debt claim complaint/s and then saving me time and money by advising me exactly how to achieve a successful outcome, without solicitors being involved.

Your remote working and knowledge based systems are remarkable.

IBAS has saved me many thousands of pounds by obtaining all the facts, then advising me 'safely' on an effective resolution (without wasteful or ineffective 'face to face' meetings in the current Covid 19 'climate').

Brilliant result all round and very safe and cost effective for me. Carry on your good work' - AS Testimonial





IBAS is completely independent and is not funded by the Banks and Lenders seeking debt repayment from you


most 'free' advice 'agencies' are funded by Banks and Lenders seeking debt repayment from you


IBAS is not compromised in any way by Banks or other lenders.


IBAS provides professional confidential advice

and the best opportunity for success on your Bank Debt Claims.


IBAS acts for UK Business banking customers with business banking account concerns, disputes, issues, problems and business banking litigation disputes


- IBAS does not act for Banks.


talk to IBAS or email us with your concerns and we can guide you.




Banks and Bankers do not 'play fair'! IBAS protects you from the bank's often hostile intentions and actions.

Banks produce documents they will rely on for their legal claim on you - it's vital to know which documents they will hide.




Information from those we have assisted since 1992 show that other ‘advisors’, solicitors & also the FOS carried out very limited or basic ‘checks’ on business banking complaints.

Basic ‘checks’ cannot identify customer defences, allow debt reduction or eliminate a debt being claimed.

It’s clear that ‘other advisors’ provide advice and ‘outcomes’ without necessary facts.

That disadvantages or destroys the customer’s ‘case’.

IBAS has a long established standard practice for investigating bank customer’s business banking account disputes in depthother ‘advisors’ do not do so.





'I found IBAS to be Impressive & professional with no nonsense. I followed IBAS strategy totally and the result was spectacular. Thanks for putting my life back on track and saving me a bucket load of money -

I cannot thank you enough. I would now start with IBAS and ignore all the others who are 'selling' an imitation of these guys but without IBAS knowledge! - AT




As one IBAS member wrote in: "What benefited us the most was your concise & well thought out advice, very good knowledge/experience of how the banks work,




Another member wrote: "We would like to thank you for your assistance in bringing the matter with the bank to a conclusion.

It would have been far easier if we had known about your organisation in the first instance and the corner the bank backed us into would probably never have transpired.

We could not recommend strongly enough to anyone struggling with the overzealous banks how helpful IBAS have been. When we consider how the bank treated us when we hadn’t done anything wrong, never missed a payment and had good loan to value rates, I can only surmise how aggressive they must be to others.

Once again many thanks for the help IBAS have given us both over the past two years. In the nicest way we hope never to require your services again! "- GL




When IBAS investigates business banking ʻcasesʼ our investigation/s focus not only on the debt being claimed by the bank but also whether the Bankʼs actions in all those matters was correct and there are a number of different ways IBAS can or will question the bankʼs actions and seek information.

By all matters, we mean that IBAS investigations and investigatory experience with audits and interest overcharging has led to many bank claims being considerably reduced or completely dropped or (as in the above case) legal action pursued.




If IBAS is ʻon' your caseʼ quickly enough, we will be able to gather all the information necessary to properly investigate matters, which will then establish the ʻtrue factsʼ

After a company liquidation the banks will attempt to prevent discovery of often essential document which otherwise may have assisted you.

A bank will only want to provide documents to enable the Bank to make a maximum claim and recovery from your assets.

That is what they do and how they make substantial profits from debt recovery.

IBAS acts for our members by protecting them from the bankʼs often ʻhostileʼ intentions and protects our members assets from being ʻraidedʼ or by completely nullifying the bankʼs claim in some cases - whilst reducing bank claims or expectations in others.

All bank demands are a direct threat to you personally if you signed a director's personal guarantee whilst a Director in a limited company or partner in a partnership.

A demand on you personally for a limited company bank debt dispute may mean that your personal assets and your home are at much greater risk from the business bank debt dispute issue or limited company bank debt claim.




IBAS has obtained in excess of £21 million in refunds, write-offs and write-down of bank debt (we stopped 'counting' some years ago) from investigations of UK Business Banking Disputes.


We stopped counting because we realized that for an individual it is only their business banking dispute and their business banking problem which matters because their Director's Personal Guarantee will be 'called' for payment by the bank and after that their personal assets which are at risk from the bank's 'plundering' once their business fails.






BBC Testimonial for IBAS at: Your Money Not a moving account  


IBAS has featured on BBC TV, BBC TV News, ITV News, Meridian TV and Sky TV News since 1992 and contributed banking editorials and business banking articles for the Sunday Times, Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph and Daily Mirror.


Independent Banking Advisory Service (IBAS) - IBAS launched in 1992 as a specialist unincorporated business banking membership organization assisting bank customers with UK business banking account loan disputes and business banking debt disputes with their bank. Our analysis and investigation of business bank loans, business bank accounts, business banking contracts, business banking account facilities and business banking debt recovery information has been instrumental in our member's success.



11th May 2021